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Pass Plus

Pass Plus is an additional course taken after you have taken and passed your practical driving test. The benefits of Pass Plus is to gain more driving experience and once completed will provide a significant insurance discount with participating providers. Your premium can be reduced by up to 30%

Pass Plus must be completed in a minimum of 6 hours and is spread over 6 training modules. These modules are as follows:

Motorway driving - navigating complex motorway lanes and understanding the motorway driving laws.

Dual carriageways - entering and leaving dual carriageways

In Town driving - busy 1-way systems and complicated roundabout layouts.

Local roads - understanding correct speed and position

All weather driving - to include snow, rain, fog ETC.

Night time driving - helping you gaining confidence to drive at night

There is no test taken at the end of the Pass Plus scheme, although your Pass Plus registered instructor will grade you throughout. An achieved standard must be met.